Safe Swimming Starts Here

At the Y, we believe swimming should be fun and safe. Our pool rules and policies are designed to help with swimmer recognition, growth and safety.

Here are some frequently asked questions:
Why are swim bands important?
Our swim band policy will allow lifeguards to recognize swimmers who need PDF’s (personal flotation devices) and parents in the pool, swimmers who can be in the pool independently and those swimmers who are able to access our deep end. This allows us to better assist your family with your swimming needs and enables us to clearly and easily enforce our current youth supervision policies.

Who needs a swim band?
Any child between the ages of 0 and 12, who is utilizing the pool during an open swim time needs a swim band. Children arriving for programs such as swim lessons or swim team do not need to have a band while they are engaged in that program.

Where do we get our swim bands?
The first step is to take a swim test with a lifeguard. The swim test guidelines are as follows:

Green Band Swim Test Policy: To earn a green band, a swimmer must compete the following tasks in sequence

  • Enter from shallow end of the pool
  • Swim Length of pool (25 Yards) without stopping
  • Climb out and jump in, then Surface
  • Tread water effectively for 30 seconds
  • Float on back for 5-10 Seconds

Yellow Band Swim Test Policy: To earn a yellow band, a child must complete the following tasks in sequence

  • Enter from shallow end of the pool and swim 15 Meters (second red lane line marker) without stopping
  • Climb out and jump in then surface
  • Tread water effectively for 15 seconds
  • Float on back for 5 seconds
  • OR pass the armpit depth height test

If your swimmer is not quite ready to complete or take the swim tests they will receive a red band.

What does a striped band mean?
The color of the band determines the area in which a child can swim, if a band is red or striped that means that a parent must accompany a child into the pool while they are swimming. Our policy is that all children 7 and under must have an adult with them in the pool at all times.

We took the swim test… now what?
The swim test information will be added to your membership account. Whenever you arrive for open swim, bands will be available at the welcome center.

For more information about our swim test policy please click HERE or call us at 207-324-4942.